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Steven Phillips is the premier balloon twister in Central Columbus and the State of Ohio. Known as the "Columbus Balloon Twister" among other trade names, he is the Columbus Party Pro! Centered in the Westerville area. He is a professional balloon twister and has been working in the party business for 38 years. He engages his audience with really cool stories and jokes WHILE he is working. This is important because a lot of twisters use the entertainment separate from the balloons as a way of saving money on balloons. They are after all "Consumables". Which means every balloon they make costs them money. He is definitely a Master Balloon Twister with over 1000 animals, objects and decorations to choose from. He is a "Balloon Entertainer" and as such goes through balloons, He is no "Party Pooper!"

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Most entertainers charge by how many children you are going to have starting at 10-12. Then 13-15. 16-20. And so on. Steven charges by the hour not by the child. He is a speed twister who can make a minimum of 100 quality balloons per hour. This can be 100 simple swords and dogs or 25 or more multi-balloon creations using 3-5 or more balloons per creation. Some of his artwork will even take ten or more balloons each.. He will definitely give you a "Party in the City TM"

Why is being a speed twister so important? Well its not if you only have 10 or less children or guests at your party. But Steven comes to PARTY! He is stocked with about 1000 balloons in his apron so he is good for a ten hour event when he shows up. So he will load your kids up on sugar (Balloons) when he is working. Who wants to go to a party and walk away with just a sword or dog when they can get a 7 balloon rainbow or a 6 balloon chicken hat. 5 balloon Batman hat. Or more. He can even make a ten balloon fruit basket! Steven believes in going large when he can. So why go small when you can go large! Available for quality children's entertainment and clean family entertainment. He will engage and entertain your guests in a unique way with his "Signature Patter"

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